Q: Are you a Christian church?

A: Absolutely. Check out what we believe.

Q: Are you affiliated with any church denomination or network?

A: We’re a Christian church, not necessarily affiliated with any particular denomination. Our roots are in the Calvary Chapel family of churches. God’s Church is far bigger than any tribe, denomination, culture or historical setting, and we greatly value and draw upon Godly influences throughout the history of the church. We’re about Jesus, not a particular brand or franchise of church.

Q: Why does the majority of musical worship follow the sermon, rather than precede it?

A: We believe that the teaching of the Bible and proclamation of the Gospel prepares our hearts to respond in worship, and we want to facilitate that response. By leaving more time and space after the message, we allow ourselves a chance to consider God’s word.

Q: Do you offer small groups?

A: We meet in small groups across the county during the week. Contact us to find a Community Group near you. 

Q: Do you have a children’s ministry?

A: At the moment we have family gatherings. We do have kids in our congregation and we encourage them to participate but we also have quiet activities available to occupy younger children.

Q: Do you have a youth group?

A: Not currently, but Pastor Ben is a former Youth Pastor and youth are welcome at our gatherings.

Q: How are you engaged in serving the community of Santa Cruz?

A: We want to partner with local organizations to serve the community of Santa Cruz. If you have ideas about how we can meet the needs of our community contact us.

Q: How can I serve?

A: We rely on the faithful commitment of volunteers to serve the church in a variety of ways. We also believe some of the greatest community happens when we serve together. Please contact us for more information about how you can get involved.

Q: How can I contribute financially to the church?

A: You can give online or send your donation to Westside Community PO Box 8445, Santa Cruz, CA 95061.

Q: Do you offer counseling?

A: Pastor Ben is available to provide Biblical counseling, but we do not employ licensed therapists. Pastor Ben and others are available immediately following our services, or you may contact us to request an appointment with someone.